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Children thrive when parents thrive. Concerned Black Men National provides evidence-based, “Best Practice” programs that serve the pressing needs of parents in underserved communities nationwide. From individualized case management and skills training, to adult literacy and job placement, CBM National strengthens the core of distressed communities.

CBM Fatherhood Initiative provides fathers a chance to improve their parenting skills, education and job skills while offering employment opportunities. Recognized as one of the country’s premier fatherhood programs, this parenting initiative strives to enhance co-parenting among couples in an effort to reduce father-partner conflict and ensures that children are raised in stable and nurturing homes.  Join a session or call for a preliminary interview at 202-650-5647.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) is a needed lifeline to military veterans residing in the District of Columbia. The program assists in finding permanent and transitional housing for veterans and helps them access benefits, employment and other services. The HVRP Project also seeks to improve family engagement.  For a referral or to schedule an appointment, contact our HVRP team at 202-650-5662.

Parent Self Improvement Project (PSIP) helps low-income parents improve reading and writing skills while also assisting to find and maintain gainful employment. It is an Adult Literacy Program that provides adult learners with pre-GED and GED instruction in reading comprehension, writing and mathematics.  If interested in the program or enrollment, please call 202-746-8762.

Workforce Development Initiative is a comprehensive job readiness placement program. We help employees master practical employment skills, improve career-based literacy and obtain long-term employment. We also work with employers to find capable and skilled employees.  For more information or to enroll, call 202-650-5643.

CBM Family Service Centers offer a variety of social service initiatives in a “one-stop” community based setting. The Centers provide access to PSIP services (adult literacy education), Fatherhood Initiatives (parenting), Workforce Development (employment) and case management services which includes the development of Individualized Service Plans (ISP).


CBM Family Service Center at Marshall Heights

3939 Benning Road, NE

Washington, DC 20019

Telephone: 202-650-5672

CBM Family Service Center at Mayfair Mansions

3744 ½ Hayes Street, NE

Washington, DC 20019

Telephone:  202-746-8762

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