Fatherhood Shines at Luray Caverns


Awestruck voices filled Luray Cavern’s cool dark caves and spaces.  Families from the Concerned Black Men’s National Fatherhood Initiative enjoyed the day bonding over a new underground experience. Every month the Fatherhood Initiative arranges events for fathers and their children.  It has become the premier program for connecting fathers with their children.

Father and daughter at Luray Caverns

Father and daughter at Luray Caverns

The program has connected more than 600 children with their fathers since it’s inception in 2006.  The program has served more than 1,500 fathers since its inception in 2006.  The Fatherhood Initiative  gives men the social and emotional tools to interact with their children for positive impact.

“We give men an opportunity to reconnect with their children.”  Said Wayne Salter, JD, CBM National Director of Parent and Family Services and Fatherhood Initiatives.  He has been deeply involved in the Fatherhood field for well over 10 years.  Salter is also the recipient of the White House “Champion of Change” Award for his work in Responsible Fatherhood.

Waiting to see the Caverns.

Waiting to see the Caverns.

“Sometimes, they just need the skills to be able to co-parent effectively or to communicate with their children in positive ways.”  Salter continued.

The CBM Fatherhood Initiative has quadrupled it’s program participation since it began in 2006.   The program distinguishes itself by helping women to improve their parenting and co-parenting skills.  The goal is to strengthen families and provide caring environments for children.

Luray Caverns provided a needed opportunity for dads from the Washington, DC metro area to unwind with their children, wives and friends to bond and learn about the history of the historic site.  The benefits of connecting men with their families goes beyond fathers and translates to positive outcomes like good grades and higher self-esteem.

Underground wishing well at Luray Caverns

Underground wishing well at Luray Caverns

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