DTLR, Inc. & CBM CARES National Mentoring Initiative’s Incentive Program



Over the span of three-months, Downtown Locker Room (DTLR), has been in partnership and collaboration with our National Office’s program manager of the Volunteer and Mentoring Services Division, Nathaniel Giles. Through partnership, DTLR has met with Giles’ 7th grade group EVERY Wednesday. Through incentives, the kids have earned new belts and hats, or as they like to call them, fitteds. Through a new incentive program that was based on the five pillars of, appearance, accountability, integrity, respect and responsibility 10 of our 12 mentees received a new pair of sneakers (Adidas or New Balances) courtesy of their mentors from DTLR. Through consistently demonstrating all of the aforementioned character traits, the kids glowingly recieved their new kicks, that DTLR Regional Manager, J.J. Campbell fully sponsored. We wanted to extend our extreme gratitude to DTLR and believe we have an exciting partnership that has limitless potential!






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